Jino Lu

Hello! I am a PhD Candidate in Strategy at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. In Summer 2024, I will join the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis as an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

My research explores how external technological and societal factors impact firms and their innovation processes, in the context of electric vehicle technologies, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. My research methodology involves constructing large-scale, novel datasets and using a combination of causal inference econometrics and machine learning techniques, complemented by qualitative interviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon.

If you would like to connect, please feel free to reach out at jinolu@wustl.edu I am always eager to connect and discuss research.

Selected Research

*In all papers, all authors contributed equally. Authors listed in alphabetical, reverse alphabetical or random order.

Demand-driven Innovation and Spillover Effects on Adjacent Technological Domains: Evidence from Electric Vehicle Technologies (Job market paper)

Jino Lu

Intellectual Distance and Propensity to Engage with New Technological Development: Evidence from Electric Vehicle Technologies

Jino Lu

Mapping the Knowledge Space: Exploiting Unassisted Machine Learning Tools (NBER working paper #30603)

Florenta Teodoridis, Jino Lu, and Jeffrey L. Furman

Overcoming the Division of Labor in Scientific Research for Complementary Innovation: Evidence from Quantum Computing

Avi Goldfarb, Jino Lu, and Florenta Teodoridis

The Partisanship of American Inventors

Daniel Fehder, Florenta Teodoridis, Joseph Raffiee, and Jino Lu

Jino Lu