Jino Lu

Hello! I am a PhD Candidate in Strategy at Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. My research explores the interplay between firm innovation strategy and the external environment, with a focus on how external technological and societal factors impact firms and their innovation processes. I explore these questions in the context of electric vehicle technologies, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence.

My research methodology involves constructing large-scale, novel datasets and using a combination of causal inference econometrics and machine learning techniques, complemented by qualitative interviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon.

My dissertation committee includes Florenta Teodoridis (Chair), Jeffrey Furman, Kyle Mayer, and Milan Miric (Co-advisor).

I am on the 2023-2024 academic job market. 

If you would like to connect, please feel free to reach out at jino.lu@marshall.usc.edu I am always eager to connect and discuss research.

Selected Research

*In all papers, all authors contributed equally. Authors listed in alphabetical, reverse alphabetical or random order.

Demand-driven Innovation and Spillover Effects on Adjacent Technological Domains: Evidence from Electric Vehicle Technologies (Job market paper)

Jino Lu

Intellectual Distance and Propensity to Engage with New Technological Development: Evidence from Electric Vehicle Technologies

Jino Lu

Mapping the Knowledge Space: Exploiting Unassisted Machine Learning Tools (NBER working paper #30603)

Florenta Teodoridis, Jino Lu, and Jeffrey L. Furman

Overcoming the Division of Labor in Scientific Research for Complementary Innovation: Evidence from Quantum Computing

Avi Goldfarb, Jino Lu, and Florenta Teodoridis

The Partisanship of American Inventors

Daniel Fehder, Florenta Teodoridis, Joseph Raffiee, and Jino Lu

Jino Lu